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On Saturday 16 October 2006, an exploratory meeting was held in Knysna to discuss the viability of establishing an MG Car Club Centre in Knysna. Previously a meeting of 12 locals, with an additional 6 apologies, had met to establish the level of interest in forming an MG club in the area and the feeling was unanimously in favour. Ross Lawson, Ricky Cooper and Peter Vadas were given the go-ahead to form a sub-group, under the auspices of Port Elizabeth Centre. 

Much lobbying with local MG owners followed and, on the 27th February 2007, a founding meeting was convened at the Knysna Angling Club. 23 interested parties signed the attendance register and the club was officially formed, with office bearers being duly elected and decisions taken regarding regular runs and noggins. 

At the Port Elizabeth International Indaba in September 2008, the South Cape Centre was granted its autonomy as an independent centre of the MG Car Club by Brian Woodhams, Overseas Director of the parent body in the UK.


The Club currently has more than 90 fully paid up members at present, owning more than 118 MGs. Several more exist in Knysna and efforts continue to try to bring those MGs into the Club. Many members have more than one MG and there are a number of cars currently being repaired, refurbished or rebuilt.


The first event organised was the October 2006 Cape Centres gathering at Lake Brenton, Knysna. 38 MGs registered for the event, with an additional 4 local cars participating. Because our club was at such a fledgling stage at that time, fewer of our locals attended than was hoped for, probably because we did not have our communication channels properly in place. Events are advertised in the monthly newsletter and we now have an SMS system set up, and all members, plus some potential members, are reminded of an upcoming function on their cell phones a few days prior to the event. This system has proved invaluable in swelling attendance numbers. Either a noggin or a run takes place monthly and additional “pensioners’” events are held.  A breakfast run is held on the last Sunday of each month, along with a number of 4-5 day tours a year with members of the Triumph Club. 

A register is signed and filed, data is gathered and points scored for the awarding of the floating Club Trophy. Competitive events are held and a similar trophy is available for the winners. 


A register of all the MGs in the Club is maintained by the Club Registrar and the details of all cars together with a photograph are recorded. To update any of your or your cars' details, download the Members Car Registration Form and return to the address provided on the form. 


The club constitution is available for download in PDF format below. 

Club Constitution
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