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2019 Knysna Motor Show

The MGCCSC’s fine representative display of models at the 2019 Knysna Motor Show

The South Cape Centre of the MG Car Club is very active indeed with the bulk of the membership made up of retired folk who have always loved these cars. Often it is a case of re-living ones youth or else buying at last that beautiful MG car you could not afford when young and needing to put bread on the table. With an active membership of over 100 MG owners, some with more than one MG in their stables, the variety of models is striking.

Space is allocated to the club each year at the well-known Knysna Motor Show for a club display which is well supported and allows owners to show off this wide range. There was some disappointment in 2019 and a degree of unhappiness when space constraints in the show ground forced the organisers to limit our display to 25 representative models. But this task was easily met with modern MG’s taking the stand together with their 1930’s sisters.


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