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2021 Simola Hillclimb

The Simola Hillclimb ( 2rd to 5th September ) kicked off our September activities on a splendid note for the dedicated team of MG Club members who volunteered once again their skill and past experience as Pit Marshalls and Car Pullers. The weather proved ideal for the event on all three days of competition and the Covid regulations banning spectators were strictly observed so there were none of the usual stupid ticket holders wandering around the pits, trying to get run over.

It was an interesting experience for the Editor to be a photographer for Classic Car Friday and then to go back home at lunch time to watch what he was missing by tuning in to live coverage on the internet. This was instructive and the commentators seemed to know their stuff, but the same sequential shots of each car in turn going up the hill were pretty tame. The cameras were well positioned but showed mainly frontal views which seemed to make even the fastest cars travel pretty sedately and there was no heart pumping sound to go with it. Nothing like the real thing!


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