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Event Cancellations - Covid19 Update

Greetings to you as we enter the first days of South Africa’s historic lock down - finding ourselves in the midst of one of the most challenging and uncertain periods in recent memory.

The committee has observed the information available and sadly have come to the conclusion that the following decisions are the correct ones for the club for the immediate future:

  1. The breakfast runs to Moss and Maple on March 29th and to Timberlake on April 26th have been cancelled;

  2. The Forever Young Games and picnic due on 5th April has been postponed and hopefully will take place later in the year;

  3. The June tour to Port Alfred and Port Elizabeth has also been postponed to a future date to be decided when the viral excitement settles;

  4. The committee will continue to carefully monitor the situation and make any further decisions that are warranted with the passage of time and hopefully, the virus.

Also take note that the GRMC’s Knysna Motor Show has been cancelled for this year and that the Knysna Simola Hillclimb has been postponed to the third quarter of 2020.

This is regretted but the situation is beyond our control.  Wishing our members all the best.


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