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MGA Tour - Knysna to Swakopmund August 2023

Ricky Cooper woke up one morning about 18 months ago, he had a dream, and shared it with Tersia. It was about a trip he wanted to do to Swakopmund, Namibia in an MGA. So the seed was sown and work started on pulling it together. Without much persuasion four proud MGA owners had put their hands up to participate. Recognising that taking 60+ year old cars on a lengthy trip such as this needed support; a suitable vehicle and owner was sought out and the

team came together.

Ricky & Tersia Cooper, Bo & Donna Giersing, Bruce & Diane Henderson, and Johan & Ilse Kruger

in their MGA’s, supported by Allan and Pam Waterston, made up the team. 18 months seemed long way off when the decision was made to do the trip, but planning a trip even for a small group, was important. One of the criteria was limiting the distance travelled each day to between 300 and 400 km, not wanting to push the cars too much while making it a relaxing trip for the drivers and passengers of the A’s.

Read the full trip report here:

20230930 The trip
Download PDF • 8.57MB


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