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MGB 60TH CELEBRATION MEET on Sunday 18th September had good support from the South Cape Centre’s 36 registered MGB owners. In spite of dire warnings of heavy rain from the weather forecasters, 18 brave MGBs with around 30 drivers and navigators reported for a photo shoot at Margaret’s View overlooking the Knysna Estuary above Belvidere. Fortunately there was only a rather English drizzle which held off just long enough for a planned photo-shoot. All the participants then dashed down the hill for a very welcome, and a well presented English breakfast at the nearby Belvidere Manor Hotel. As one MG member remarked: “These MGBs of ours being true British should be used to wet weather”.

Photo and labels by Allan Waterston

Organiser for the day, George Davey, very efficiently got the MGBs lined up for the photo shoot


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