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2019 Update

2019 is already one quarter gone and the South Cape Centre is now well on it’s way with organising a whole range of events for our members. The club continues to flourish with consistent membership numbers and a good turnout of members at events. The regular last-Sunday-of-the-month breakfast runs are especially well attended as are many of our other outings.

Some events, past and planned, deserve special mention:

  1. The Knysna Motor Show was a resounding success by all accounts. Whilst our Club was afforded only limited space, the display showed a very good representation of MG cars as they evolved. From a 1929 M-Type to a modern-day ZR saloon, crowds were impressed by the quality of the exhibits.

  2. The annual Hill Climb was, as usual, hard work for the team of marshals from our club. This event raises a sum of money that is used in our “Social Conscience” activity. This last year has seen us refurbish a very large automatic washing machine in the Vermont Home for the elderly in Knysna

  3. The 2019 Cape Centres gathering in May and the tours to and from Cradock for this event. Our centre will be very well represented with 18 MGs and we look forward to a most enjoyable outing. The group will spend nights both en route to and from Cradock and visits to places of interest will be arranged;

  4. Our regular monthly outings for picnics or to restaurants with the occasional addition of a treasure hunt or driving test, and the end of the month breakfast run;

  5. For the T-Type owners, the excitement and enjoyment of the annual T- Type Tour;

  6. The 2020 National Indaba organised by the Cape Town centre and held right on our doorstep in Oudtshoorn. This is bound to be a most enjoyable gathering and a large attendance of South Cape members is anticipated. For those who have not experienced an Indaba, this is a must!

The South Cape Centre of the MGCC has a very good working relationship with the Garden Route Motor Club and many events are attended by members of both clubs. The cooperation and good will between us will continue to be fostered.


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