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GASOLINE ALLEY 2022 – Fri 9th December

A brief report back on the annual Gasoline Alley Braai held on 9 December 2022. It seems that the God’s were with us that evening since despite the hot weather and threatening rain clouds later in the day, the event got off to a great start and continued until the last member left. The only reason for that is that by 1900hrs all the beers were finished and the food had been eaten!

We had over 70 members attending this combined effort with the GRMC and that bodes well for future events for sure. Regrettably, the live music which was to have been provided by Cloud 9 was simply not possible. This was due to loadshedding and the necessity to have a special generator/inverter for the band which was just not feasible. However all was not lost as my little iPod & phone did provide some musical entertainment throughout the evening.

Maillard bakery were very considerate by moving their generator to around the front of the bakery. Happily the noise from this did not interfere with the merriment.

We have to give a BIG thank you to all of those who assisted with the braaing of the boerewors and the chicken pieces. We could tell there was expertise there as every single piece of boerewors was consumed. Also thanks to the serving ladies at the tables and those who buttered the rolls. I did see Bruce giving a helping hand there, so it seems like he was well taught in the kitchen!

Big thanks to Ron Hollis for providing the braais and charcoal and to Brian Gibson for the additional gazebo.

A number of MG members did arrive in their classic MG’s plus there were a number of American muscle cars on display. A few photos below taken by our ever present intrepid photographer Dave Jones show what you missed if you couldn’t attend.

Until the next MG event I take my leave!


Brian Davidson (2)

Great MG TC Alan

Some MG’s & others line up

Muscle car approaching Alan!

Early cars on display


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