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Jaguar Simola Hillclimb 2019

This iconic event, in its 10th year of running in 2019, has had support from the members of the South Cape Centre from its inception. The club’s contribution in the early years involved mainly assistance with parking control and crowd control on the course, but for the past several years we have occupied a key position as Pit Marshalls.

Although for many of the volunteer members, Classic Friday of this three day event holds the most interest, our MG Car Club team remains on duty in the pits for all of the runs. They assist in the pits with crowd control, car pulling and start-line marshalling, displaying competence and skill gained from experience.

MGCC South Cape Volunteers acting as Pit Marshalls - 2019 Knysna Hill Climb

MG Specials add interest on Classic Friday

Club member Alexander Krahe in his 1937 MG TA/Q

Club member Peter Hollis on his way up the hill in his 1964 MG Midget

Note: Contributions each year from Hill Climb Gate Money go to the S.Cape Centre of the MG Car Club and are used to support a wide range of local charities.


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