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(Organised by innovative Tersia Cooper and reported on by Tersia, Lorna Lyons-Lewis & Jill Morse)

Lorna: Instructed by Anna-Marie, the Tjhoko paint workshop presenter, our ladies spent a morning of creativity.

After Tjhoko painting the prepared wooden board and using serviettes for images, which were decoupaged onto the board, the results were most impressive.

The morning culminated in a light lunch at the Angling Club, with a little wine or sherry and much hilarity. A most enjoyable event and all agreed they were looking forward to Tersia’s next ladies event.

Well done Tersia !

Jill: Some apprehensive ladies arrived at the Angling Club for a creative morning, not quite sure what they would be asked to do ! Three hours later, there was an air of achievement as we posed with our boards, many of us surprised at what we had produced.

Tersia had organised a workshop led by Anna-Marie who has a Tjhoko paint outlet in Mossel Bay where she holds workshops and sells all sorts of related products. Donning aprons, Anna-Marie explained what we were going to do with all the brushes and implements sitting on the table in front of us. Having prepped the boards, we chose our colours and napkins and proceeded to turn 3 strips of wood into decorative boards, trying hard not to decorate the tables and floor of the KADA at the same time. A break for lunch let the boards rest for the final stage while we admired the results of each other’s work.

Grateful thanks go to Tersia for setting up the event, to Anna-Marie for her patience, and to the kitchen staff at KADA for providing lunch.

Watch the calendar for the next ladies event later this year !

Showing off their final pleasing results: (Back L to R) Ann Parker, Gene McGee, Viv Vadas, Anna-Marie – presenter of the workshop, Tersia Cooper – ladies-group organiser and Gwen Lillike. (Front L to R) Jill Morse, Lorna Lyons-Lewis, Moira Wall and Wendy Hay.


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